Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Keygen v7.1.6 Free VST Download [2024]

Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Keygen is one of the top players in music production software and virtual instruments. The German company is best known for their Komplete bundle which brings together their flagship synths, effects, and sampled instruments.

The Kontakt virtual sampler has been the core of Komplete for over 15 years. Now on its 6th iteration, Kontakt continues to be the go-to sampler for musicians and producers around the world.

What is Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Keygen?

Kontakt is Native Instruments’ professional sampler and rompler software. Kontakt allows you to:

  • Play and manipulate high-quality sampled instruments
  • Design and create your own virtual instruments
  • Build complex multi-layered sounds using samplers and synths
  • Process instruments and samples using built-in effects
  • Slice and rearrange loops to create new beats and textures

Kontakt 6 is the latest upgrade to the Kontakt series, bringing improved performance, new effects, and enhanced workflow for faster music production.

As a virtual instrument plugin, Kontakt 6 works in all major DAWs like Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, and more. You can load it up and play sampled instruments via MIDI just like a synth or drum plugin.

Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Keygen

Top New Features in Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Keygen

Kontakt 6 builds Free download on the powerful sampling engine of previous versions and introduces some key improvements:

  • New audio engine – 64-bit mixing and improved performance to handle large sample libraries.
  • Effects section – 14 new effects like convolution reverb for deep sound design.
  • Modulation – Customize and warp instrument sounds using the new modulation system.
  • NKS support – Fully integrates with Native Instruments hardware like Komplete Kontrol keyboards.
  • Workflow enhancements – Faster instrument browsing, previewing, and workflow speed-ups.

Other upgrades include hi-DPI support, multi-core support, new EQ models, and the ability to save Kontakt instruments as vst/au plugins.

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Powerful Sampling Capabilities

At its core, Kontakt offers full-featured sampling tools for musicians to create and manipulate instruments:

  • Sample playback – Load and play third-party sample libraries or your own samples. Support for wav, aif, and more.
  • Mapping editor – Easily map and arrange sample zones across keys and velocities.
  • Looping – Slice and loop samples with auto-mapping of root notes for multi-samples.
  • Time stretching – Change tempo without affecting pitch.
  • Effects – 38 insert effects like compression, distortion and more per instrument.
  • Mixing – Layer, mix, and process up to 64 instrument channels.

This makes sound design and instrument creation accessible for beginners, yet also meets the needs of advanced sample manipulators.

Huge Selection of Sample Libraries

The Kontakt ecosystem offers over 1,000 virtual instrument libraries and sound packs covering every genre and style:

  • Orchestral libraries – cinematic strings, choirs, brass, woodwinds.
  • Acoustic instruments – piano, guitar, drums, ethnic instruments.
  • Synthwave, ambient, modular synths – for electronic music.
  • Urban libraries – hip hop construction kits, vinyl drum loops.
  • World instruments – gamelan, sitar, didgeridoo, and global sounds.

Top developers like Spitfire Audio, OT, 8Dio, Soundiron, ProjectSAM, and more offer Kontakt instruments.

Certain libraries are Kontakt exclusives only available for Kontakt users. This is a key factor when deciding between samplers.

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Kontakt 6 Use Cases

Musicians use Kontakt in many ways:

  • Producers – Add realistic strings, piano, guitar to your tracks as a VST plugin.
  • Composers – Score with professionally recorded orchestral sounds.
  • Sound designers – Manipulate and mangle instruments through creative sampling.
  • Live performers – Play software versions of instruments you don’t own.
  • Remixers – Isolate and rearrange loops from a library into new beats.

Upgrading from Kontakt 5

Kontakt 6 improves on K5 in meaningful ways like:

  • New mix engine for better performance with big multi-mics.
  • Time stretching and formant control for manipulating samples.
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support.
  • Modular synth features for creative sound design.

The workflow speed improvements could alone be worth upgrading for busy composers and producers.

However, K5 remains highly usable and you won’t lose access to any libraries if you stick with it. Evaluate your personal needs.

Kontakt 6 Specs and Requirements

Most modern systems should be able to run Kontakt 6 well:

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or later
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • CPU – multi-core Intel i5 processor or equivalent
  • RAM – 8GB minimum
  • Hard drive space – 25GB free space

You’ll also need a DAW like Ableton or hosting program unless you use Komplete Kontrol.

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Getting Your Copy of Kontakt

You have a few options to get Full version crack Native Instruments Kontakt 6:

  • Purchase Kontakt itself for $399
  • Get Kontakt 6 Select for $199 if you only need basic functions
  • Buy Komplete 13 which includes Kontakt full – currently $599
  • Buy Kontakt crossgrade if you own a previous Kontakt version

For the best value, Komplete 13 is highly recommended since it bundles Kontakt with 50+ virtual instruments, effects, and tools for just $200 more.

Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Keygen

Learning to Use Kontakt

Kontakt is easy to install and authorize with the Native Access app. To get started, check out these resources:

Kontakt 6 builds on the already powerful workflow of Kontakt 5 and previous versions. If you want to take your music production to the next level, it’s an essential upgrade.

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